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Man suspected of killing wife two years ago arrested in Likoni
Man killed by wife for talking to ex-lover
Bwanyenye wa Mombasa kizimbani kwa kupigana hadharani
Mwala Uwezo fund boss released on cash bail
43-year-old man commit suicide after separation with wife
Two injured after thugs raid Karen home, steal gold and cash
Police arrests two suspects for stoning man to death
Mwanamke aliyenaswa na vilipuzi Mombasa afunguliwa mashtaka
Two arrested in Mwala for embezzling Uwezo fund
Three county officers arrested over Sh15,000 bribe
Mombasa youth to Marwa: Apologise for drug trafficking remarks or else....
NIS joins search for missing lawyer
Recruits in court for forging KNEC certificates
Five men abducted, forced to eat human waste in Meru
Sons of slain drug baron arrested for fighting in a bar
Man kills mother, surrenders to police
Man kills family, sets himself on fire
Watumiaji 10 wa mihadarati watiwa mbaroni Likoni
Suspect in Sh109m ivory trafficking case released on Sh3m bond
Court throws out Sh50m Jirongo land case
Farmer killed, buried in shallow grave
Shock as twin foetus found dead dumped a long road
Police launch probe into Lilan's disappearance
Woman charged over defrauding KDF recruits
Farmers want donkey slaughterhouse closed over increased theft
26-year old man attacked, killed inside his house
Raia watano wa Ethiopia watiwa mbaroni Likoni
Senator Lonyangapuo to oversee peace meetings in West Pokot
Suspected robber lynched to death in church
Wanafunzi watatu wa shule ya upili wanaswa Likoni kwa madai ya ujambazi, Ugaidi