Who is Kimani Ngunjiri?

From 'chewing' fingers of fellow Members of Parliament, his alleged blows with politician Koigi wa Wamwere, a police officer and a couple of other individuals, to 'showing' his chest in a packed courtroom, Bahati MP's life in politics reads like a brilliant work of fiction.

"Most people do not understand me. I am a principled person and I make my own decisions whether they are right or wrong. If the results are not desirable such as in the case where I was taken to court to answer to charges of hate speech, I carry my own cross because it was my decision," Bahati MP Kimani NGunjiri said.

Though Ngunjiri is known as a fierce, no nonsense man by many, very little is known about his private life.

He was born at Banita Sisal Estate in 1953 as the fifth born in a family of ten. He went to Bavuni primary school and later studied at Michinda secondary in Elburgon. He married the love of her heart, Ruth Muthoni Kimani, in 1979. He is a father of four, two girls and two boys.

Ngunjiri has never been employed and has been a business man since he completed secondary school. He has worked as a manager in his father’s farm and also ventured in the charcoal business, matatu driver, selling scrap metal and farming. He has also been involved in his own tractor and lorry businesses.

He began his political career after retired President Moi helped him solve land issue in Kiamunyi.

According to the MP, a white man had promised to sell him a piece of land. The deal, however, went  sour after a rich and influential man got interested in the house and a deal was hatched to evict Ngunjiri.

Sensing defeat in the struggle for the piece of house, Ngunjiri jogged his mind and laid a strategy.

He waited for former President Daniel Moi's motorcade as he drove from his Kabarak home to Nakuru State House, armed with his records on the purchase of the piece of land, Ngunjiri decided to do the unimaginable: he jumped in the middle of the road as Mtukufu Rais waved to the crowd.

He caught the presidential security guard unaware and by the time they tried to whisk him away Moi told them to 'wachana na yeye' in his usual heavy accented Kiswahili.

Mzee ordered his security 'boys' to have Ngunjiri ride with him in one of his escort motorcade up to State House where he narrated his misery at the hands of a rich and influential man who wanted to swindle him a piece of land he had worked so hard to have.

A chemistry between Moi and Ngunjiri development and he vowed to campaign for the President's reelection even as all the Mt Kenya leaders were pushing for an anti-Moi campaign.

He became the Bahati Kanu chairman and later the Nakuru Kanu chairman.

The vocal MP said he decided to vie for the Bahati seat in 1997 and 2002 using the Kanu ticket but suffered a massive defeat due to the anti-Moi wave that swept all the regions inhabited by the GEMA community.

It was a time when President Uhuru Kenyatta was also a greenhorn politician crawling into politics with the Kanu ticket. Uhuru vied for Gatundu South MP seat in 1997 but was defeated as well as in 2002 when he also run for the top seat as 'Moi's Project'.

According to official records, NGunjiri began his work as the Bahati MP on 10th March 2013 and he is a member of the Joint Committee on National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity and the Departmental Committee on Lands and Natural Resources.

Apart from politics, which is Ngunjiri's steady diet, he is a lover of music ... a jig of Mugithii makes him 'young again'!

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