Re-elect Kinuthia at your own risk - Kinyanjui

Former Nakuru Town MP Lee Kinyanjui has criticized Nakuru County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua saying he does not qualify for a re-election.

Speakin in Elburgon during a political tour on Thursday, Kinyanjui stated that many regions in Nakuru county is underdeveloped despite governor Kinuthia's team in office fore the last four  years. 

"Farmers in Elburgon, Kuresoi and parts of Molo are really suffering. Their farm produce cannot make it to the market due to very poor roads. Kinuthia has failed to deliver his promises," said Kinyanjui.

He challenged the area residents to team up and elect him in 2017.

"We cannot afford to suffer for the next five years. Our votes counts a lot. Lets show Kinuthia that enough is enough next year," he added.

He promised to transform Nakuru county once elected as the governor. "We have more than enough resources to transform this county. All we need is very efficient leadership who can tap such resources and I am ready for the job," he added.

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