Raila has every right to query the government on graft, Uhuru told

Nyamira County Assembly Majority Whip Peter Maroro has dismissed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s call to the opposition to desist from politicising corruption insisting that the sole mandate of the shadow government is to keep the government of the day in check.

On Tuesday, Uhuru challenged the opposition to desist from what he termed as ‘politicising’ corruption and instead join hands in curbing the vice.'

But according to Maroro, the government is endowed with the responsibility to fight graft given its machinery, insisting that the opposition should play the ‘whistleblowing ‘role.

“It’s really wrong for the government to dismiss everything Raila (Odinga) says as politics. He is the chief opposition leader and hence the head of the shadow government. Therefore, he has a right to question the government. The government has the machinery to fight corruption rather than blaming the opposition,” he said.

Maroro added: “the responsibility of the opposition is to act as whistleblowers and how to fight whatever we disclose is upon them or resign honourably for other serious Kenyans.”

He also challenged the government to allow the Auditor General to visit the Federal Bank Reserves to investigate how the Eurobond money was transacted.

”The government should not blame the Auditor General’s move to investigate the Eurobond theft claims. He has a constitutional responsibility to ensure our money is used well,” he said.

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