Omar calls for auditing of Jubilee’s multi-million projects

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar has called for an audit of all major projects initiated by the Jubilee government.

The senator said an audit into the projects should be done to ascertain whether the taxpayers' money has been embezzled following allegations of rising corruption in the President Uhuru Kenyatta led government.

Speaking on Sunday during an interview on NTV, Omar noted that some of the government's multi-million projects are questionable.

The senator said it was important for an audit of the multi-million projects to be done for accountability purposes.

He termed the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) and the Laptop project as suspicious projects that need to be audited.

“As the opposition, we will be pushing for an audit of all key Jubilee government projects to ensure that taxpayers' money has not been lost in these projects,” said the senator.

Omar accused Uhuru's government of relaxing in taming corruption, even as a section of government officials fleece taxpayers' money meant for development projects.

He said the alleged Sh5 billion alleged scam at the Health Ministry is a clear indication of how taxpayers' money is being stolen.

The legislature asked Uhuru not to tolerate government officials who embezzle funds.

“We want to see the government move with haste and make sure that individuals mentioned in the Afya House scam are arrested and prosecuted,” he said.

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