One on one with Sauti Sol

They are currently the biggest band in the region. They scooped the award for the best group in the just concluded Africa Music Awards in Johannesburg. DJ Boyie sat down with Bien and sought to know what makes the boy band so great.

What makes Sauti Sol stand out?

Bien: Our style of music is quite unique. We also have a style of dressing that you are not likely to find elsewhere. We are trend-setters.

Where did the members of this band grow up?

Bien: I grew up in Rongai, Delvin grew up in Buruburu, Chimano was raised in Tena estate while Polycarp grew up in Kariobangi.

So you are basically people from the hood. How does that influence your band? How does it affect how you work together?

Bien: Our differences work great for us. We are more dynamic because everyone has a different thing to offer.

What's your favourite high school memory?

Bien: Our days in the school choir at Upper Hill School (now Red Fourth Choir) were great. I also enjoyed playing basketball. Chimano was in drama while Delvin played in the football team.

That's great. What was your most embarrassing moment? 

Bien: There was this one time that we were performing in show and it went great. Afterwards I was going around greeting our fans but didn't know that I had cake and cream on my face. Nobody told me!I looked ridiculous!

Hahaha!Okay, now tell me about your ideal date.

Bien: My ideal date involves listening to cool music. I also cook her dinner, sometimes she does the cooking. Something relaxed and laid back.

Great!What annoys you the most?

Bien: Disorder. I hate it when things are disorganised, both in my life or at events.

Aha. What has it taken for your band to be the greatest in the region?

Bien: 1. God's blessings 2. We have the greatest fans 3. Remaining disciplined 4. Having order 5. Passion for what we do

What would you say is your greatest achievement so far?

Bien: Staying together and united as a band.

What's your vision as a band?

Bien: To be the biggest band in the world and to perform in international shows.

What challenges do you face in the music industry?

B: Kenya lacks a pop culture so we are trying to create it.

What's your advice to the youth who want to be as successful as you are?

Bien: A successful person is he who remembers to appreciate and give back to those who contributed to his or her journey to stardom. It's giving back knowledge to society, inspiring others and protecting your character.

What about to a person who wants to get into the music industry?

Bien: Work hard. There is no short cut. Sauti Sol, for instance, has been mentoring Elani for five years and they are some of the most hardworking people we know. Hart_the band has been making music for three years but they've just broken out now. It takes patience and knowing what you want early on. Set clear goals.

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