Why Raila, Mudavadi re-union should worry Uhuru

The reunion between Cord leader Raila Odinga and Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi should worry President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to Peter Ngure, a Kiambu based political analyst, Jubilee should not take lightly the unity ahead of the 2017 general elections as it poses a serious threat to Uhuru’s re-election bid in 2017 general election.

“Jubilee Party should get worried by the newly found love between Raila and Mudavadi,” he said on Tuesday during the interview.

The analyst observes that Raila and Mudavadi reunion is an indication that the opposition is determined to send President Uhuru Kenyatta packing in the 2017 general elections.

He observes that Raila and Mudavadi unity will attract support from other politicians across the country as they seek to dislodge Jubilee government from power in 2017.

Mr Ngure observes that Cord could have won the 2013 election if it had kept Mudavadi in the coalition.

“Raila and Cord have learned their mistakes in 2013 and previous elections and are determined to win the 2017 polls at all costs,” he said.

Patrick Kulundu, a political science lecturer at a local university in Limuru notes that Raila and Mudavadi reunion is a plus for the opposition.

He observes that Raila and Cord will be assured of full Western Kenya votes if it keeps Mudavadi.

“Raila and Mudavadi reunion is a well-calculated strategy that should worry Jubilee party as we head to the 2017 polls,” he said.

The political science lecturer adds that the opposition is keen to amend the mistakes that have previously made it lose in the general elections.

“I think we are yet to see more reunions and these should send a signal to the ruling government that the opposition is not joking this time round,” he added the lecturer.

He added that the political environment in the country is likely to re-shape ahead of 2017.

He said that a political scenario similar to the 2002 elections that ended retired President Daniel Arap Moi regime is likely to re-occur. “We are likely to see an alliance similar to 2002 that ended Moi’s regime,” he added.

The opposition is crafting NASA to send the Jubilee government home.

Jubilee has however laughed off the proposed Alliance saying it means nothing.

Speaking on NTV’s AM live on Monday, nominated MP Isaac Mwaura said that NASA will not see the light of the day. He claimed it is a waste of time and a propaganda tool by the opposition.

Mwaura who recently ditched the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) said that President Kenyatta will win in 2017 whether NASA will be in existence or not.

Speaking during a tour of South Rift on Saturday, President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto said that NASA is not a threat to their re-election bid.

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