Electile dysfunction
There has been rampant corruption in the country for the last few years. The country has lost billions of money through corruption both in the national government and the devolved governments. Most people believe that the current government has failed to curb this corruption menace. 

They express their lack of faith in the current government ability to end corruption. They believe there is a need to vote in a new administration that can eradicate corruption in the country. 

However, they don't see anyone among the current politicians who can be trusted to end corruption in the country. Its the view of many that even the current opposition has corrupt elements thus it wont be any different if it ascends to power. 

This is creating a situation where most people would wish to vote out the current administration but they don't know anyone who meets their desired qualities to vote in. They are experiencing a sort of electile dysfunction that could make them avoid participating in the coming elections. 

They would prefer boycotting elections than voting someone who will disappoint them. People need to be educated on the importance of casting their votes. They should be reminded that bad leaders are elected by good people who don't vote.

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