Is this the new tactic used by politicians to frustrate rivals?

Gone are the days politicians used rowdy youths to frustrate their opponents before elections.

Today, women are the 'new hooligans' causing chaos and forcing weak aspirants to cut short their speeches in the presence as well as absence of the leader they claim to support.

In the recent past, it has become common to find women clad in T-shirts branded with their party colours and symbols.

If you thought these women come to rallies to listen to the plans leaders have for the people, then you might be wrong.

The women will remain calm on condition that an opponent does not speak ill of the politician of their choice.

It is interesting to note that some even do not wait for the opponent to start speaking but instead boo him or her as soon as they grab the microphone.

For example in Mombasa we have groups such as Warembo na UhuRuto, Warembo na Jubilee and Joho Queens, who claim to do anything in defense of their parties.

Many people keep asking how these women find themselves in different rallies. Well, the politicians they support are said to ferry them to the event venues before their arrival.

One of the disturbing things about these women is that they are ever ready for confrontations.

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