Opinion: Joho will rule like UhuRuto if elected president

The political buzz around Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho is surprising allies and foes alike.

Many view Joho as the best replacement for the opposition chief Raila Odinga and Kenya’s next president come 2022.

The young as well as the old adore Governor 001 as he also enjoys support across the tribal faults.

An admirable percentage of the electorate foresee a peaceful and prosperous Kenya with the Mombasa incumbent governor in State House.

However, the ODM deputy party leader will replicate the exceptionally infamous government in Kenyan history; Jubilee.

Joho will perfect corruption, tribalism, verbal abuses, partial development, tyranny of numbers misuse and uneconomical travelling among others.

Corruption will be digitized and praised depending on the victim while employment opportunities will be sensitive to one’s tribe, political affiliation and even religion.

Development is always prioritized based on voting patterns and Joho will not change anything.

Incase you are planning to vote for someone else, then wait for development a few months to elections something Jubilee has perfected.

You should also be ready to stomach abuses from the county boss and his juniors.

Corruption will be his main weaknesses as witnessed in the UhuRuto government.

The fact that Governor Joho supported corruption in Kilifi proves that he preaches water and swims in wine at night.

Why is it ok for Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi to have allegedly mismanaged public funds but the same scenario for DP Ruto is an unforgivable sin?

The double standards applied by Joho is a perfect duplication of the Jubilee corruption agenda.

Joho supported Kingi’s warning to Ruto while in Mtwapa thus he views everything that transpired in Kilifi County as clean business.

“Ruto should not lecture me on matters of corruption. He can not lecture me on how to fight corruption in my county yet his government is tainted with various corruption scandals. I know how to run Kilifi. So he should stop,'' Kingi said while in Mtwapa.

Do not expect a 'Canaan' during Joho’s presidency. He is the best student Jubilee has natured in the opposition. 

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