Why Mvurya is likely to retain his seat

The fight to dethrone Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya will not be easy.

Although a section of coastal leaders have been faulting him for decamping to Jubilee, Mvurya has an impressive performance scoreboard.

If the residents of Kwale base their vote on his track record and not political affiliations, Mvurya will retain his seat.

Before he defected, Mvurya was considered among the governors who stand a high chance of re-election due to his good work.

During his reign, he transformed the health sector in the county. Today, Kwale is among the counties offering the best health care services.

More than 400 health care personnel have been recruited since he took over office.

In addition, he launched 16 ambulances and constructed 17 dispensaries as per his statement in a past interview with the Nation at his office.

Through the active participatory approach, the governor has established different community based committees to help him make his dream of transforming the county a reality.

On the other side, teachers, parents and students also have enough reasons to support his re-election.

Mvurya has been sponsoring various students to pursue their studies in different institutions in the country.

A Msambweni politician once told the Star that Mvurya has enabled more than 68 students to fly overseas for further education and more than 500 join national schools.

The governor has also overseen the employment of ECDE teachers.

In terms of infrastructure, you do not need a masters degree to see that Mvurya has done enough to earn himself a second term.

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