Opinion: Duale must respect the independence of Judiciary
Kenyan politicians are notorious in correcting other institutions but turn a blind eye to their countless shortcomings. 

One of the individuals who has mastered the art of being used as a mouth piece for destruction is National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale. 

The 'Jubilee Attorney' is married to controversy and does not care about its outcome so long as he has defended his Jubilee masters. 

Duale has turned his wrath to the Judiciary. He has to respect its independence something he doesn’t care about considering his accusations against Justice Odunga. 

Duale said, “And I want to tell one Judge Odunga, when we open on January 24, I will introduce a motion to discuss you. We will expose you. You cannot be a member of the Bench and play tribal politics.” 

Duale wanted to intimidate the Judge so that he makes a ruling in favor of Jubilee. The reaction that followed should inform Duale that he does not own the judiciary. 

LSK President Mr. Isaac Okero said, “It is an attack on the independence of the judiciary and on the integrity of the honorable judge and an abuse of parliamentary privilege. It is conduct completely untenable in any civilized democracy. His exercise of judicial authority is undertaken on behalf of the people of the Republic and therefore cannot and should not be subjected to any impediment of any nature,”.

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