Kenyan rapper unveils satanist-turned-evangelist girlfriend

Popular Kenyan rapper Bamboo, of the 'compe' hit, on Saturday took to social media to unveil his Ugandan fiancée, who he alleges traveled to hell and came back.

In a Facebook post, Bamboo alleges that evangelist Erika was taken to the source of River Nile, where she was swallowed by a huge fish. 

She then found herself at Satan's feet where she was told she would be a slave forever.

"When Erika entered the fish, she was so afraid that she fainted. When she came out, she found herself on a red carpet, before the throne of lucifer himself. She describes lucifer's kingdom as a blistering hot place," Bamboo said.

Bamboo claims that Erika described Satan as having dog's teeth and two horns on his forehead.

The rapper alleges that popular Ugandan musician, Chameleon, is the one who initiated Erika into Satan's kingdom after he took her to the Nile and recited an incantation.

"Chameleon initiated her and took her to the source of the Nile by force. He got into a boat with her and his assistant who was steering the boat."

The rapper said God had sent to him to Uganda meet Erika.

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