Tourists flock Mombasa for holidays

Mombasa island and its environs has witnessed an influx of tourists --both domestic and international -- making the Coastal county vibrant during this festive season.

Business at the hotels, beaches and entertainment joints has been at its peak especially during this Christmas holiday season.

A spot check at the facilities revealed that most hotels were fully booked, and the festive activities at the hotels and beaches were vibrant with revelers seen to be really enjoying.

At the Jomo Kenyatta public beach famously known as Pirates, it was packed with children and adults swimming as they made merry.

Visitors at the public beach were also treated to a rare moment, which one could call the 'eighth wonder of the world,' a white motor vehicle of jeep make was seen cruising in the sea like a marine vessel.

African cuisine, barbecue and drinks and live bands are some of the treats offered by hotels and beach clubs.

Travellers Beach Hotel and Club boasted 100% bookings with 60% local and 40% international tourists.

The sales and marketing manager Wafula Waswa said they appreciated that Kenyans now embraced the idea of domestic tourism.

He said the hotel industry no longer relied entirely on foreigner tourists to sustain them because Kenyans were utilising the facilities and keeping the industry alive throughout the year.

“We give credit to the government for maintaining security and this has given people the courage to travel and celebrate”, he said.

He said without security, holidaymakers would be afraid to travel and that impacted negatively on tourism and the hotel industry.

Ernest Nadome, a local tourist urged Kenyans to embrace domestic tourism and appreciate their country.

“As Kenyans we have made up our minds to boost tourism instead of travelling abroad for holidays”, he said.

He said Kenya had the best to offer in tourism and that was why foreigners come and enjoyed themselves.

“Kenya is our country and we should rely on foreigners to build our economy and tourism was one way to boost it”, he said.

Terry Gore, a tourist from the United Kingdom said Kenya had the best to offer and that it was his destination of choice.

“I have traveled widely but I have Kenya as my best destination, the climate is good, people very friendly, the food fantastic, hotels and beaches are also very clean”, he said.

He said Kenya was a friendly country and that he had never had any problems since he started visiting the country.

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