Opinion: Kalonzo’s insincerity will deny Raila presidency

Wiper Party patron and former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka is the greatest hurdle between Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party chief Raila Odinga and State House. 

Musyoka has a past that proves his astonishing levels of political insincerity earning him the “watermelon” tag. 

The relationship between the two Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord) principals seems rosy but Odinga should never show Kalonzo his secret political card.

Raila has to play safely or be embarrassed by the bulldozing Jubilee. The veteran politician recently said he is no longer a “watermelon” but many will doubt the truth in this declaration. He further distanced himself from any know how on 2007 elections rigging. 

During the launch of Musyoka’s autobiography Against All Odds, he said that had he known what happened to “brother Raila”; he could have thought otherwise. 

However, what did he mean by prematurely stating that “nitapita katikati yao”? Kalonzo had a pre-planned arithmetic to betray the loser who theoretically happened to be Odinga. 

On the flip side, Musyoka could still ask for the Vice President position despite ditching Raila when he most needed him in case Odinga was announced the winner.

Whatever has made Wiper leader stick with the opposition is the constitutional changes, circumstances and RAO’s age. 

The former is waiting for a takeover that will not materialize considering his tendency to regularly shift his political ground. Cord or NASA has to delay naming its flag bearer to tame Musyoka.

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