Opinion: 'Bwana Dawa' and politics

Mark Too was famously known as "Bwana Dawa" in the political circles due to several key roles he played in the Country's political history. 

He first entered politics in 1997 when he contested for the Mosop parliamentary seat in Nandi County but lost to John Sambu. 

Later, his political mentor, retired President Daniel Arap Moi nominated him to parliament.

Too played two key roles in the Country's political history. First he wooed Raila Odinga's National Development Party (NDP) to join forces with the then ruling party Kanu, whose inferior numbers against a united Opposition would make life difficult for the government, especially in parliament in 2011. 

The Kanu-NDP partnership led to Odinga and the late Dr Adhu Awiti being appointed to the Cabinet and the late Orwa Ojode and Peter Odoyo being named assistant ministers. 

However the relationship did not last long as later Odinga led a mass exodus from Kanu ahead of 2002 elections that culminated into formation of Narc that brought the Kanu regime to an end. 

Too also played a role in the grooming of president Uhuru Kenyatta. 

In 2001, he was forced to relinquish his nominated MP seat to pave way for Kenyatta who was immediately appointed Local Government minister by Moi. 

There has always been claims that Too was Moi’s illegitimate child but he once told journalists that, "Nothing like that. I am not Moi’s son. I am his friend.''

Too died December 31, 2016 at an Eldoret Private hospital aged 60. 

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