These are the richest churches in Kenya

Look to your right or left, there is probably a church within eyesight.

The number of churches in Kenya has grown in an astronomical speed over the last few years. Most of them are middle class, some are meant to be money making institutions but others are billion shillings investments.

The amount of money that passes through these church coffers would run the economy of a small country.

1. Christ Is the Answer Ministries (NPC)

This church brought in slightly over 1 billion shillings in 2015 alone. Yes, a billion with a B. This is according to audit reports for that year. The actual amount was 1,016,924,108. Tithes and offerings alone gave KSh 984,273,267 while the ministries and departments earned KSh 42,156,087.

2. All Saints Cathedral Kenya

The church is quite popular with VVIP faithful. It's prime location, opposite Serena Hotel, definitely makes its assets worth quite a chunk. In 2015 alone, the main services raked in KSh 163,712,896 while other services brought in KSh 3,641,987. Congregants offered KSh 4,223,293 in thanksgiving.In total, the church earned KSh 190,850,103 million 2015 alone.

3. Nairobi Chapel

The church, based along Ngong Road, earned KSh 440,159,438 million. Tithes and offerings alone brought in a cool Ksh 237,402,109.

Other well-to-do churches include Parklands Baptist Church, Jubilee Christian Church and Faith Evangelistic Ministries.

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