Boniface Mwangi: A case of empty debe that makes the loudest noise

Renowned photographer and street activist Boniface Mwangi has proved what my primary school teacher recited for years, that an empty debe makes the loudest noise.

While I was still a poor kid, our teacher warned all ‘mouthy’ characters that they risked being blank upstairs. Not wanting to shut anybody, the teacher, nicknamed Machache, advised all ‘mouthy’ characters to ensure at least they got something into their grey matter.

It seems BM missed this counsel.

After gaining the courage over the years and finally agreed to face the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), there are indications that Bonny recorded a dismal performance.

Though he boasts as the King of protests and street theatrics, his poor academic performance will remain a blow in his life. Like it or not, being an academic dwarf in a society that highly believes in intellectualism is not a good thing.

Even though he might want to wear a brave face and say ‘It Doesn’t Matter’, Bonny’s inner self tells him something about his brain power, no wonder he has not agreed to come out publicly and say what he scored.

Other academic dwarfs reading this will gang up and ask what the hell is with Bonny’s results, but remember he made himself a person of public interest, therefore, even his performance is a matter of public interest. The rules dictate you break the membrane and face the consequences!

Bonny and his ilk of academic failures will also want to massage their souls and console themselves that what you score in school exams does not define who you become in life, be that as it may, but how do you tell people that you scored a D-something in your exams, honestly!

I know this man travels widely, and I wonder how he will share a table with highly intellectual people like Prof Anyang’ Ny’ongo (you remember Prof walking out of live interview because Lilian Muli suffered serious intellectual deficiencies?), John Kerry, Barack Obama, Prof George Magoha, Dr William Ruto, just to mention a few who cannot stomach mediocrity, and try to lecture them on good governance.

Governance is purely an art of managing people, and if Bonny could not manage his academic life does he have the moral authority to lecture others on the same?

It’s unfortunate that Bonny’s performance was this tragic.

I think the activist now fits for an interesting specimen of study on how you can have so much energy to fight a whole government and at the same time lack brains to seat an exam.

And please save me that crap of Bonny had a lot to deal with, he would have showed up with a C-something results. Not a D!!

If a girl in Kiandutu Slums could beat extreme poverty, lack of fees over the years among other ills associated with Kenya’s downtrodden to score clean A’s, why wouldn’t you BM score at least a C minus?

For a man with a talent to attract headlines, it’s a grave mistake to attract bad grades!

Happy New Year Boniface Mwangi and your poor grades!

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