Mass action : The only means of attaining real change in Kenya

The culture of opposing positive change in Kenya has slowed development.

Some subscribe to the school of thought that advocates for negotiations while others opt for protests to achieve societal transformation.

The latter is viewed as a barbaric option but it is the most effective tool in pushing for change especially in the political arena.

The majority in government misuse democracy forcing minority to protest.

Had it not been for mass protests, assassinations could still be a daytime buzz. Political rivalry forced some to take up the work of God; deciding one’s last day on earth.

Kenyans took to the streets to demand answers when Tom Mboya and Robert Ouko among others were killed. This forced perpetrators of the vice to resort to secret professional assassinations but there is some change.

Changing strategic institutions like the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), Parliament, Judiciary and banks needs Kenyans who are ready to die fighting for a better nation.

When justice is denied or delayed, protests work best in mitigating the damage.

On the other hand, the parliament’s thick head can be manned by national protests.

If manual backup is a rigging alternative, then Kenyans should go back to the streets.

Salary increment is easily achieved through mass action than dialogue. Kenyan professionals have noted the stubborn nature of the government when reviewing salaries yet they are quick in increasing personal remuneration.

Force is the only alternative for our doctors, teachers, nurses and lectures among other professionals.

Name any positive change in Kenya and there is a higher chance that people were killed while protesting before it was implemented.

Even saving Uhuru Park needed an exceptional lady who was ready to strip naked to help you enjoy this beautiful park.

You should also think about how detention without trial was fought as well as how multi-party democracy was arrived at. 

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