95 teachers trained in high-tech teaching methods

The governments of Kenya and Korea have trained 95 teachers in new approaches to teaching using Information, Communication and Technology. 

The five-day training session, held at the Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI), attracted teachers from several schools in Nairobi.

KEMI Director General, Mrs Leah Rotich, said the teachers who were trained will benefit the forthcoming competence curriculum reform, which the government is in the process of developing in conjunction with stakeholders.

This is part of the Primary Schools Environment Improvement & Capacity Building Project in Kenya under which both infrastructure standards & ICT competence would be improved in two Kenya schools. Mrs Rotich said the project is aimed at upgrading teaching environment of primary education in Kenya, enhancing the capacity of ICT-based primary education in Kenya and transferring educational technology and knowledge to Kenya.

Under the arrangement, the Korean International Co-operation Agency (KOICA will modernize teaching and learning facilities in Ngundu and Uhuru Gardens Primary schools in Nairobi. The project will see the construction of a one-storey building which will compromise three classrooms, one computer lab, auditorium (108 seats), toilets for students and teachers at Ngundu Primary School.

Two building will be built at Uhuru Gardens Primary School, and will comprise Head Teacher Room, 1 Conference Room, 1 Class Preparation Room, 1 Library, Tea Room, Auditorium (208seats) Toilet, whereas first Floor will have 1 Chief of Center Room, 1 Office, 2 Computer Labs, Toilet.

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