Coast MPs give government ultimatum to redeploy Joho, Kingi's security

The government has withdrawn security details for Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and his Kilifi counterpart Jefferson Kingi.

The leaders say they have not received any official communication from the government explaining the withdrawal, what informed the decision, or even the way forward.

Six Coast MPs allied to the ODM party have issued a two-day ultimatum to the goverment to reinstate the security details.

According to Kingi, the guards were withdrawn on Friday night, while others were told to surrender their firearms and report to their police stations on Saturday morning.

“It’s true, one of my guards has been told to return his gun, so you left wondering how he will do his work without a gun,” said Kingi.

He further revealed that he is still in the dark over what led to that decision, even though it was not immediately clear how many guards were withdrawn.

“Couldn’t the government find time to inform us that there are certain changes, so that we’re not left in the dark,” he added.

This is the second time the leader is finding themselves in similar situation, with the first coming after last year’s Malindi by-election, where he was forced to challenge the move in court, which eventually ruled in his favour.

Cord MPs have hit out at the Jubilee government, saying such an incident is uncalled for.

“Ali Hassan Joho is a Kenyan. He is a citizen of Kenya, paying taxes, and he has equal rights just like any other Kenyan,” said Mishi Mboko, Mombasa Women Representative.

The incident comes days after the leaders claimed that the leaders were taking credit on projects that they initiate.

“If they think by taking my bodyguards they will change my stand on supporting ODM, they are wrong,” added Kingi. 

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