Its not all about good grades, parents told

Parents have been advised to encourage their children who did not perform well in the recently released 2016 KCSE results, where there was a sharp drop as compared to last year.

Mary Osman, a counselor, says the system has labeled the children failures, something that has left many very bitter and demoralized for the rest of their lives.

She adds that some parents are even forcing the children to go back to school, which should not be the case as the children have different strengths and capabilities. 

“We are in the 21st Century where academic success is not everything we need but innovation and problem solving,” she says.

She accuses the system of emphasizing on academic success at the expense of problem solving and skills which are very important in life.

“We have labeled our children as failures just for not scoring that A or B in school, forgetting that we are different and blessed in different skills. Our education system does not allow for diversity and that is what still drags us behind unlike other nations such as China,” she says.

She says parents should find out what their students are good at and help nurture this talents and not condemning them for their grades.

“We have to wake up from this belief of grades transforming to good life and branding others as failures. We should seek to tap every opportunity in life. We have very successful people in the country that did not even make to go past class 8 or failed and did achieve the university entry points,” she adds.

She has called upon the government to open up more technical schools and equip them fully in an effort to improve creativity skills and innovation and ensuring equality for all children despite their performances.

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