Opinion: Kalonzo’s push for Duale’s ICC prosecution is justified

Parliament Majority Leader Aden Duale is not new to controversy and the current hate speech clip associated with him has forced former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka to call for his prosecution by the International Criminal Court.

If the clip is not a plot by opposition propagandists then the Wiper Party patron is justified to push for the arrest of the outspoken member of parliament.

Duale should be at the Hague because 2017 does not need a hate speech specialist. Where was he during the 2007/2008 postelection violence?

Does he want to create another campaign platform for Jubilee after the August elections at the expense of national cohesion? What have Kambas done to deserve forceful eviction yet they live peacefully with Duale’s tribesmen?

From downgrading our mothers to supporting tribalism; the Parliament Majority Leader should be stopped before he burns down our beautiful motherland, Kenya. 

He should showcase any positive changes he has brought to Kenya before purporting to own part of our blessed nation. North Eastern Kenya belongs to all tribes, races, religions as well as political affiliations. 

Part of the clip states, “You should have five youths at every polling station and if you are arrested because of violence, you will be released. I will pay your bills and all costs.”

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