Do not shy from technical schools, youths advised

Garissa youth have been told not to shy from joining technical schools in the county to further their studies.

Patrick Nzoka, an educationist and lecturer, who was speaking during a price giving ceremony, noted that most students’ education hit a dead end after scoring poor grades in school.

He said we as human beings have different capabilities and that we have different strengths and abilities.

“We all cannot become doctors. Some of us have to become masons, chefs, tailors, carpenters farmers among other professions. Who will knit clothes if we all go offices or become pilots?” He posed.

He said every profession is very important and can see one successful in life as long as we take it seriously.

“With the expertise and skills you learn in this technical schools, you can always go far especially when you take it serious and pursue it as a business and passion,” he said.

He says we have had many learned people who have changed their professions to come and pursue other technical courses which offer them skills.

“Many people at some point have changed their careers, gone back to technical schools to learn the necessary skills required for different specialization. A friend of mine went back to a technical school to learn about tailoring. Now she owns a big textile industry in Eldoret town where she has employed over 20 tailors,” he says.

He added that job market is now a problem in the country and with these technical schools; one can easily create self-employment and employ others.

“Do not shy form this technical schools since are a very important part of us and you never know that is where your life could be. I would love to see the youth come out of this notion that technical schools are for academic dwarfs but rather a center for tapping nurturing skills and talents,” he added.

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