OPINION: More calls for Duale's arrest

The Jubilee government cannot and will not unite Kenyans if it continues to apply the law selectively.

The oppressed majority will not keep quiet with such anomalies happening publicly.

Mid last week, Garissa town MP and national assembly majority leader Aden Duale was heard allegedly inciting his tribe to attack and chase away Kambas from his constituency for political reasons.

To make matters worse, the NCIC chair, Francis Ole Kaparo is silent.

This means that Duale is more equal than others. Kenyans should not and must not allow Kenya to be turned into an animal firm. We must shun this.

interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery who has been critical of Cord call for mass action due to the new election laws which were forcefully passed by Jubilee MPs, he is now after innocent bloggers.

Nkaissery would have accommodated these bloggers so as to manage societal vices easily.

There is no reliable source of information today than social media.

To some extent, social media has tried to curb corruption in rural offices.

So if Ole Kaparo is certain of bringing cohesion and integration among Kenyans then he should jail Duale or legalize the hate speech.

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