IEBC releases alarming statistics on voter registration in Ukambani
IEBC has released very alarming statistics on voter registration in Ukambani.

Machakos deputy governor Bernard Kiala called for a press conference Monday to address and expound on the issue.

"According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, there were about 3.9 million Kenyans of Kamba decent in 2009.

Based on this census data, the number grew to approximately 4.6 million in 2016. A half of the population is aged 19 and above, according to the population structure.

Therefore over 50% of these 4.6 million people are eligible for voter registration (2.3 million people).

In Machakos County alone, there were about 660,000 people eligible to register in 2016.

However only about 500,000 are registered even after the mass voter registration campaign of 2016. This means that one in every four eligible persons in Machakos county have not registered to vote," Kiala said.

Kiala called on political leaders, preachers, teachers and everyone who gets in touch with the masses from Ukambani region to ask the people to register as voters and educate them on the benefits of registering.

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