Our focus is dethroning Jubilee not creating ‘extra’ positions- Wamalwa

Two politicians from Western region and are in the opposition have said that their focus is not to change the government system but to remove Jubilee from power.

Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa (Ford Kenya) and his Nambale counterpart John Bunyasi (ANC) maintained that the prize is in removing Jubilee from power and not creating Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Positions respectively.

Wamalwa said opposition will go to August 8 elections on the current government system as prescribed in the constitution and should it change, they will hold extensive talks with all stakeholders to hold a referendum and change the constitution.

“As far as the government structure is concerned, we will only go to the election based on the current governance structure we have and that is the Presidential system,” said Wamalwa.

“Our main objective here is not to create positions for people; if at all we are going to change the governance structure or whatever it is, that is something we will discuss after we have taken over power,” added the Kiminini MP.

Bunyasi on his part noted they do not have time to make changes to the constitution. If need arises to hold a referendum; it will be a post-election arrangement.

Wamalwa also said they are taking time to scrutinise the best lineup for Presidential hopefuls in Cord-based on numbers each of them and their running mates can deliver.

He also said opposition’s delay in naming their Presidential flag bearer is a strategy and they may do it in March or May and beat Jubilee hands down.

The two spoke on Citizen TV Sunday.

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