Analyst: Raila will be in the next government but not as president

Opposition Chief Raila Odinga will be in the next government after 2017 general elections; not as President but ‘forced Prime Minister’, Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi argues.

Ngunyi in a publication by the Standard on Sunday notes that supporters of President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2013 elections are today 'dry as a biscuit' which augurs well for Raila.

“If Uhuru supporters are as 'dry as a biscuit', Raila will attract more excitement than votes; more passion than action: And this is how he WILL NOT become president,” states Ngunyi.

He adds that Raila will be in the next government by forcing Uhuru to a coalition government. “He has done it before and in harder circumstances under Kibaki. Forcing this coalition on Jubilee is therefore a walk in the park.”

According to the analyst, rigging claims spewed by Raila and his team are meant to prepare the country for a coalition government.

His opposition to the amendments on Electoral law is just for ‘nuisance value’ as he (Raila) is only interested in developing an argument to support his claim that Jubilee will rig the August 8 polls.

And if the public buys his claims, “he has a chance of joining the government as Prime Minister at zero option.”

Ngunyi goes on to state that if the rigging claims are not good enough to put Raila in government, a state of unrest bordering on war will shuttle him to government, explaining his call for mass action.

He says the country is back where it was in 2007 with ethnic hostility still rife. He has blamed Uhuru for making no effort to heal the wounds of 2007/2008 post-election violence.

“The punishment will be to share power with Raila at zero option. And there is nothing as annoying as sharing power with Raila as Kibaki realised!” says the analyst.

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