Could Uhuru be setting up Raila for ICC?

In an interesting turn of political insights, a political analyst has revealed that top Jubilee Party leaders would enjoy sending Cord chief Raila Odinga to The Hague.

Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi famed for the tyranny of numbers has revealed that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto would enjoy sending Raila to The Hague and finally deal with him once and for all.

“In my view, therefore, Uhuru, and especially Ruto, would enjoy sending Raila to The Hague. This would be sweet revenge, but would also deal with Raila once and for all,” said Ngunyi as told by the Standard in a publication on Sunday.

Ngunyi explained that Uhuru has set-up Raila for ICC by bulldozing amendments to the electoral law which Raila does not agree with and as a result, he will call for mass action to reproach the government.

The mass action will degenerate to violence come election time in August and he (Raila) will be an indisputable profiled war monger in Kenya.

“This gets violent. Uhuru refuses to back down. And as the violence increases, Raila's cowardly colleagues abandon him. He is isolated as a warmonger. Then in August 2017, the election turns violent, and the prime mover of the violence is already profiled as one Raila Odinga.”

He added that what Uhuru was doing was collecting credible evidence against the cord boss to send him to The Hague.

He also said that Uhuru and Ruto are leaders to be feared since they have faced trial at the ICC and came out triumphant.

“I want to re-iterate that a politician who has been to ICC and back is to be feared! If Uhuru isolates Raila as a war monger, then the idea of 'Hague Express' in 2017 is a probable option,” said Ngunyi.

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