Omar: Reinstate Joho, Kingi security as per IG guidelines

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar wants the security of Governors Amason Kingi and Hassan Joho reinstated as per the guidelines issued by the office of the Inspector General.

The guidelines stipulate that all governors and senators get one bodyguard and four police officers to guard their residences.

According to Baraka FM, Omar said there are more pressing issues affecting the county which need redress.

“This is a diversionary attempt to steer the focus away from the conversation of two non-performing entities - the national and county governments,” the Senator said on Tuesday.

“Why should one have 15 armed officers? This is a whole police post! Any allocation in excess of this position must have a reasonable justification,” he noted.

The Wiper secretary general at the same time said he will be demanding an audit of the number of firearms licensed to private citizens stating that a majority have been abusing the privileges.

“There are so many people in the county who go around bragging with guns in their pockets; there must be decorum and order in the conduct of the forthcoming elections in the county and Kenya as well,” the Senator said.

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