Mudavadi remains Luhya community's strongest candidate for presidency

Political analyst Barrack Muluka has said Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi is still the strongest politician from the Luhya community even at his weakest point in his career.

According to Muluka, the Luhya community should accept Mudavadi as their spokesperson if at all they want to remain relevant in the political arena as the next general elections draw closer.

"At the moment, there is nobody from Western who can match the political stature of Musalia Mudavadi," he said.

"Even at his weakest time, he was still the strongest politician from Western. There is nobody who can match his stature at the moment," Mr Muluka said, as quoted by Standard.

On his part, Mudavadi affirmed that he will not be derailed by politicians opposing his appointment as Luhya spokesperson as he fights to unite his people.

"I won't waste my time trying to deal with sideshows. The most important thing is we want unity for the Opposition. The government in power is Jubilee and an opportunity is being given to Kenyans to vote for a new dispensation. That is what we want to target as the Opposition," he said.

Mudavadi further asked members of the opposition to approach issues with the desire to dethrone UhuRuto and not tribal politics.

"We are not going to the joint Opposition meeting divided. It is also important that we are not attending the meeting as Luhyas. We are going there as representatives of various parties. So tomorrow's (Wednesday) meeting is not about tribes but a meeting of political parties yearning and pushing for Opposition unity," Mudavadi added.

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