How plastic rice is manufactured

Over the recent few months, cases of plastic rice spreading in different parts of the world have been witnessed. It is alleged that the fake rice originated from Asian economic giant China.

The rice has found its way to Africa, with the seizing of over 100 bags by Nigerian authorities in December last year.

The major puzzle has been how the rice is manufactured.

Here is the process of manufacturing the rice.

The first process is of manufacturing is collection of plastic bags and cleaning them.

The cleaned plastics bags are stashed into a machine for shredding by spinning saws and later turned into long plastic tubes.

From the first machine, the long tubes are cut into small pieces using scissors and placed into another machine.

The plastic strip is then processed by a second machine which turns the pieces into long thin strings.

The long thin strings are then immersed into potato soup for flavouring.

The floured rice is then dried and processed into another machine for grinding into fine granules.

Packaging then follows.

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