Tame Joho, he walks with 30 guns - Omar

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar has hit out at Governor Hassan Joho over his security detail.

Omar said Joho should be tamed as he walks with more than 30 guns intimidating civilians. 

"Whenever he moves, there are more than 38 armed people including police officers who move with him. He moves around with a whole police station and an armory," Omar said.

The senator said it is unacceptable for Joho to be allowed to be moving with such weapons.

"It is only the President who moves around with security like that of Joho. It is unacceptable," he said.

Omar said Joho has nothing special to warrant such a security as he is a leader like others.

Joho has been engaged in a war of words with the national government over his number of bodyguards.

Joho's spokesperson Richard Chacha, however, dismissed Omar's claim.

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