Jubilee MP wants troops withdrawn from Somalia

Nyaribari Chache MP Richard Tong'i now wants President Uhuru Kenyatta to order withdrawal of Kenyan troops from neighbouring Somalia soonest.

Tong'i also says the war is 'unsustainable' adding that it may lead to loss of many Kenyan soldiers despite having accomplished their mission.

Tong'i was speaking on Tuesday at his constituency where he visited a family whose loved one had died in the recent attack on Kenyan soldiers in the neighbouring country.

"We can't afford losing lives unnecessarily and the President has to act now. We are tired of seeing innocent young men coming home in body bags," said Tong'i.

"We have lost very young people in a war that is not our priority. Somali should solve its problems on her own. We can no longer tolerate this," he added.

His remarks might elicit a heated debated given the Jubilee Party has always supported the move to retain Kenyan soldiers in Somalia under African Union.

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