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Doctors envious of MCAs' pay - Senator

2017-02-17T09:50:03.825+0000 IAN ADUMBO

Doctors’ union officials after a past court appearance. Photo/

Nominated Senator Martha Wangari has ridiculed the striking doctors saying they are envious of the ward representatives for receiving a better pay than them.

Wangari, instead, called on any doctor who wants to earn a salary equivalent to the MCAs to vie in the forthcoming general election, adding that every job has its parameters to decide on how much individuals are paid.

"The reason I don't agree with the doctors demand for a salary raise is because they want it because other people are getting a better salary than them. Every job has its own parameters to determine how much you are paid," she told Citizen TV's Power Breakfast show on Friday.

"You cannot go around saying MCAs should not be paid more than doctors. It does not work that way. We are in a free world, if you feel MCAs are paid more, then you can run for the position," she added.

The Senator, on the other hand, welcomed the move to increase the president's and his deputy's salary saying it was a normal occurrence since they were government employees.

"Hiking the president's and his deputy's salaries is nothing out of the ordinary, it is normal for an government worker to start on a lower scale and receive a salary increment along the way," said the GIlgil MP hopeful.