Dr. Ouma narrates his jail ordeal

Kamiti Maximum Prison inmates took good care of me than the government has, Kenya Medical Practitioners Dentists and Pharmacists Union (KMPDU) Secretary General Dr Ouma Oluga has said after being released from jail Wednesday morning.

“For me, I was born in the most humble walks of life. I don’t have wealthy connections. The life inside here (Kamiti Maximum Prison) is so familiar to my background. Prisoners are humans too, they need help too. There are so many people in here who have never broken the law. We found a new reason to help; even themselves, they don’t have the doctors. I came face to face with people who needed me. If I stayed here longer, the prisoners would have been happier to have the doctor in me," said Dr. Oluga, who spent two nights as a guest of the state.

Dr Oluga was adamant that talks with the government to end the ongoing doctors’ strike “must be based on the CBA 2013”, adding: “It is absolutely impossible to break the spirit of Dr. Ouma Oluga.”

This after the Court of Appeal Wednesday signed consent for the release of the seven jailed doctors union officials after parties in the case by consent, agreed to have them released with a view to continue with negotiations.

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