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Garissa gubernatorial aspirant unveils his running mate

2017-05-19T12:03:00.337+0000 Dennis Chacha

[Bashir Haji, Garissa County gubernatorial aspirant has named his running as he prepares to battle Nathif Jama for the county's top seat.] (Photo/KNA.)

Garissa County gubernatorial aspirant Bashir Haji has named Hassan Abdullahi as his running mate ahead of the August 8th polls. 

Haji, a former senior military officer and younger brother to Garissa County senator Yussuf Haji picked the youthful Abdullahi, a nutritionist by profession, who hails from current Governor Nathif Jama’s Aulihan clan.

Speaking during the ceremony at Dadaab sub county, Bashir said that he settled for  the young Abdullahi because he will easily connect with the youth.

He noted that his choice is meant to balance the ‘clan arithmetic’s in the area’.

“A committee of elders from his clan had several proposals but finally settled on Abdullahi. I have interacted with him and I can say that he is a brilliant young man that I will work with closely with the aim of taking Garissa to the next level,” he said as quoted by KNA.

He warned opponents 'not to underestimate him’, adding that he is in the race to win.

“When I started my campaigns late November last year, many people including my two opponents and some residents took me for granted. They dismissed my candidature. Some called me all manner of names,” he added.

“But here I am, months down the line and rearing to go. I want to assure them they will be up for a rude shock. They are miscalculating my capability,” he posed.

He vowed if elected to tackle issues to do with youth, gender, education and health.

Bashir will be vying on ANC party ticket.