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I bleached my face to tame my husband, confesses troubled woman

2017-04-21T08:20:12.147+0000 Angel Kaseyi
Bleaching is a booming business in Africa despite its health defects Photo/

The horrors that men and women go through in marriages are many. A Mbankolo woman chose to bleach herself when she noticed her hubby salivating over light skinned ladies. As Tuko reports, the bold step has landed the woman in hot soup after her husband threatened to divorce her. The man is not comfortable with the bleaching that has gone wrong.

“I believed bleaching my skin would make me more attractive to my husband and thus prevent him from having extra-marital affairs. I was determined, like Hannah, not for the liberation of my people, but for the restoration of my matrimonial home, which is of utmost importance to me,” Aminata says.

Her husband has lamented about her stinking skin which turns him off during intimacy. He says that she should stayed black instead of opting for the deadly bleaching business.

“My wife now has a rainbow body made of many colours, which is the handwork of gallons of hydroquinone products. She looks like half-baked cake in a quenching oven. The tiger skin appearance is not the only thing that irritates me, but she is now transparent like a wall gecko. And her skin is so fragile that I do not desire to touch her for fear that it might burst,” the husband lamented as quoted by Tuko.