I will accept defeat on one condition - Uhuru

Jubilee Party Presidential Candidate, President Uhuru Kenyatta during a TV live chat, July 30, 2017. [Photo: PSCU]

Jubilee Party Presidential Candidate, President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked his opponents, to concede defeat, if they lose in the August 8, polls.

Uhuru said he is ready to do the same, only if he loses fairly.

Uhuru is competing with Raila Odinga (of the National Super Alliance) as he seeks a second term in office.

In a live chat on television (K24), and on Facebook, Uhuru noted that he abides by the law, and that he can not fail to 'leave' if he loses.

He asked all the leaders who will not be elected, to accept the results, and allow those who would have been elected, to lead the people.

"Those competing with Jubilee do not have any plan to build on the progress the country has achieved in the last four years. No plan means no progress. No progress means no new jobs, higher cost of living, weakened security and a less prosperous Kenya. Choose progress to build on the foundation we have laid down. Choose progress and prosperity over empty politics," said Uhuru, Sunday evening.

He urged Kenyans to choose peace and security, adding that his Action Plan covers all that is needed to make Kenya more prosperous, peaceful and secure.

“No matter the outcome of the election, we must remember that we are all Kenyans,” said the president.

The President answered questions from viewers on varying subjects including how the government will make the cash transfer program more efficient and how it plans to boost the development of North Eastern Kenya.

On the cash transfer program, Uhuru said the government would continue improving the efficiency of the expanded cash transfer program so that it is shielded from abuse.

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