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Is Sonko’s running mate Kirubi’s son?

2017-05-19T15:08:10.232+0000 Angel Kaseyi
Chris Kirubi with Polycarp Igathe [Photo/]

The selection of Polycarp Igathe as Sonko’s running mate in the city gubernatorial race has attracted attention from varied quarters. 

Some are praising the choice as the best move to cover up Sonko’s deficiency in management matters something that has been used to campaign against him. 

However, others are only concerned about the paternity of Sonko’s deputy. Is he the son of the city billionaire, Chris Kirubi?

The two have come out to lightly deny the claims. Vivo managing director Polycarp Igathe was the first to deny the link. He even said that he will squeeze an expensive whiskey from anybody who dares associate him with Kirubi. He stated that he only worked for the business mogul for a long time.

“Kenyans believe that if you work in a company diligently for long at a company owned by someone else, you can only be their son,” Igathe said as quoted by Kenyan-post.

Kirubi has also denied the fatherhood but said anybody will love to have such a son. Speaking during the JKL, he said that Igathe is a business leader that Nairobi needs. He lamented at how the city is manged and said Igathe will turn it round. However, Orio Rogo Manduli downplayed the importance of a deputy governor in running the counties.