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Jose Chameleone’s wife files for divorce

2017-04-21T09:37:33.123+0000 Adonijah Nziwa

Caption: Celebrated Ugandan dancehall singer-musician Joseph Mayanja and his wife Atim Daniella at a past function.Photo source:

Celebrated Ugandan dancehall singer-musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone could be single soon after Atim Daniella filed for divorce to end their nine-year of marriage, reports 

The singer’s wife lamented that he has been mistreating and beating her up since 2013, adding that she is no longer ready to stay in an abusive marriage.

"The respondent (Chameleone) has resorted to binge drinking and on each occasion, he comes back home, beats up your petitioner (Daniella) without any cause or valid reason," read part of the suit as quoted by the daily. 

Daniela also claims that she has been forced to cover her face on several occasions because of the frequent beatings she gets from her husband. 

"The respondent's (Chameleone) violent behavior has drastically affected the health of your petitioner (Daniella) because of the constant beating and your petitioner cannot even sleep at night worrying that the respondent (Chameleone) may kill her," adds Daniel.

The talented singer has been hitting headlines for good and bad reasons.  Some time back, a section of his fans accused him of sacrificing his brother AK 47 in return for fame, claims which he has denied on several occasions. Despite the adversities, the singer has been going through, Jose is filthy rich.