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Jubilee marks areas where they will give direct nominations

2017-03-20T16:53:57.855+0000 Wagema Felista

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto at a past meeting with Jubilee party aspirants.Photo/

The Jubilee party has said it will give direct nominations in certain areas.

This means politicians in such areas will not have to undergo the headache associated with party primaries.

Speaking on the sidelines of sacking the party’s election chief Godfrey Wanyonyi, Jubilee secretariat head Raphael Tuju said there are plans to give direct nominations in areas where Jubilee does not enjoy massive support.

These zones, apparently, are in Opposition strongholds.

Politicians always position themselves to win nominations of a party that is popular within a certain region.

Jubilee, for example, enjoys near fanatical following in the Rift Valley and Central Kenya and winning nominations in such areas mean the election has been concluded.