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Korane, residents stage water protest in Garissa

2017-04-21T11:36:19.030+0000 Charles Ronald

Garissa Gubernatorial candidate Ali Korane together with hundreds of his supporters took to the streets to protest against water shortage being experienced in the county.

Korane accused Governor Nathif Jama of doing little to solve the situation that has affected the residents for long.

He said despite Jama and his administration getting huge allocations of money, it had failed to provide water even to the residents of Garissa town.

“This administration has failed to provide even the simplest of services to the people like provision of water. Our mothers and children are trekking long distances in this day and age in search of water. The situation is replicated in other major towns within the county,” he said.

Korane together with hundreds of his supporters went round Garissa town carrying empty 20litre jerricans claiming the county government has ignored their complaints.

One of the residents, Mohamed Abdul said they are forced to travel long distances in search of water following its acute shortage in the region adding that the lack of water has forced them to fetch unclean water from River Tana.

Abdul urged the county government and the water ministry to solve the water crisis that has subjected the area residents to a lot of agony.

“Access to water is a human right, yet today hundreds of thousands of families in Garissa lack the basic commodity. We demand an immediate solution from Gawasco,” he added.