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Lupita: My father will make Kisumu great again

2017-04-21T09:19:01.449+0000 Adonijah Nziwa

Caption: Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and Senator Anyang Nyong'o

Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o has said that her father Senator Anyang Nyong'o is the right candidate to correct the mistakes made by the current leadership if he is elected the next Kisumu Governor.  

Lupita argues that her father’s greatest desire has been to make this country a better place, adding that he deserves the support to rise to power in the forthcoming general polls. 

“I know for certain that Kisumu County will be a better place and leap into the future with you steering it,” said the actress, as quoted by Star. 

The award winner also said that her father has been on the forefront in the fight to liberate the nation from poor leadership since she was young. 

“All my life I have witnessed your unwavering passion for cultivating a better future for Kenya…even when it was a threat to your life but you have never given up and you continue to push for change and development,” she said. 

The talented actress, who has starred in several films including The 12 Years a Slave and Queen of Katwe, said her father is a development oriented leader, adding that he is committed to changing lives of the common mwananchi.

“I have witnessed the developments, the electricity spreading, schools being built, roads being constructed and medical centres being erected, and you had a lot to do with that,” she said. 

The model further said that she has no doubt that her father will deliver if elected.