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Muthama reveals ex-wife's dirty deeds

2017-05-19T15:18:59.020+0000 Martin Stima

Senator Johnson Muthama. [Photo/]

Senator Johnson Muthama has for the first time addressed the media after his ex-wide Agnes Kavindu was handed a Jubilee ticket for the Machakos Women rep ticket.

Addressing reporters at his home on Thursday evening, Muthama denounced various media reports stating that Kavindu was still his wife.

He termed Kavindu as a criminal who was riding on his name for fame.

“Huyu ni mwanamke mkora (this is a criminal woman). To me she is just another woman, only that she had been clinging on my name,” he said.

“I very much want to talk about that woman. She is not my wife. We parted ways in 1983 in court but since I am a true African man who cares about the welfare of his children, I decided to get her some place to live because she was struggling with life in Nairobi,” added Muthama.

The outspoken senator said that he does not care about what Kavindu is engaged since it is her own private life.

“Whatever she is engaged in now is her own private business because we are not together and I have legal documents to that effect. If she dies today, she cannot be buried in my home because even the dowry my father (late) paid to her parents was refunded.” Muthama said.

Last week, Ms. Kavindu was among several aspirants of various political positions in Machakos who received Jubilee Party nomination certificates.