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Omingo vows to recover lost money in Kisii County

2017-03-20T14:05:15.938+0000 Brennah Gandhi

[Former South Mugirango MP Omingo Magara in a past event. He has vowed to recover alleged lost money from Kisii County. Photo/]

Kisii Senatorial candidate Mr Omingo Magara has vowed to recover all funds irregularly misappropriated by the county administration.

“These money must be recovered at all costs to assist in development and this will be my first task once I become the Senator,” Mr Magara said by phone.

On Sunday, Mr Magara who came third in the last Senatorial race, said he will ensure all those responsible for looting fund meant to develop the devolved get jailed to deter theft of public resources.

He said it will not be business as usual at the County administration once he sets foot at the Senate.

“We advise that our people ignore the euphoria and vote in people who are committed to serve them diligently,” he said.