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Stop embarrassing me, sue Nairobi County for your 110M, Jirongo to Atwoli

2017-04-21T09:31:23.675+0000 Angel Kaseyi
Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli Photo/

Former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo has directed Central Organisation of Trade Unions Secretary General Francis Atwoli to the Nairobi County for his 110 M. The COTU boss had loaned Jirongo 100 M that was to be paid within 50 days with a 10 M interest. 

However, Jirongo’s court papers indicate that the money was to be recovered from the money Nairobi County owes his company Kuza Farms and Allied Ltd. The politician was to receive 250 M as compensation for a 1.012 Nairobi plot.

“Nairobi County government issued an unconditional undertaking to Mr Atwoli’s advocates based on the decretal sum in the case with Kuza Farms and Allied Ltd. Mr Atwoli should move to enforce that undertaking before seeking to embarrass me,” Jirongo said.

The court papers indicate that Jirongo has directed his moneyed friend to sue Nairobi County. However, Atwoli has denied that approach claiming that the loan was personal and wasn’t advanced to the company in question.

“Though Kuza Farms and Allied Ltd is owed Sh250 million, the said amount has not been paid and I am not to blame for the delay and default by the Nairobi City County in remitting the money. I deny allegations that I am in default of the agreement. Mr Atwoli should commence proceedings against the Nairobi County government for the sum of Sh110 million rather than victimise me when I have equally been prejudiced by the failure by the county government to honour the agreement to pay,” reads the court papers.