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What awaits Wetangula as he defends his seat

2017-05-19T13:02:40.103+0000 Adonijah Nziwa

Nasa Co-Principal Moses Watangu’la at a past function [Photo/]

National Super Alliance (Nasa) Co-Principal Moses Watangu’la has been told to prepare for a bruising battle ahead of the forthcoming general polls after he revealed that he wants to defend his seat when that time comes.

Businessman Juma Mukhwana of Jubilee Party sent Wetangula a warning telling him to forget victory during the upcoming general polls. 

“Mr Wetang’ula should prepare himself for a resounding defeat,” said Mr Mukhwana. The aspirant also said that he will give him a run for his money when that time comes. 

“He should not be cheating us that he is going for presidency but returns to vie for a smaller seat, he should be disappointed, I will give him a run for his money.”

The senator, who spoke at Kanduyi market in Bungoma, said that defending his seat does not mean he is a coward.

 "When you see a ram moving away, don't think that it’s a coward, it's preparing itself to hit its rival very hard," he told a public rally. 

The senator also noted that Chama Cha Mashinani leader is also defending his seat in August “By defending my seat, I’m not a coward, even my friend, the Bomet governor, will be defending his,” he added.