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Why every woman has a right to orgasm

2017-05-19T13:14:15.381+0000 Adonijah Nziwa

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Dr Marci Bowers has said that the United Nations recognizes that sexual satisfaction is a human right, arguing that no one should go against it.  

Speaking to the star, Bowers said that the fight against Female Genital Mutilation has been faced with many challenges, adding that  women have the  right to enjoy sex.  

“Sexual feeling is a right, recognised by the UN as a human right. It is one of the basic human senses,” Dr Marci Bowers told the local daily.

The medical expert also said that most Kenyans are not aware of what takes place when it comes to FGM, adding that there is need for education.

“So many people are unclear about what happens in FGM.They think the clitoris is very tiny. But we know from reconstructive work that the clitoris — now that we have mapped it — is more than 11cm in length. Even in the severest cases of FGM, 95 percent of the clitoris is still there", she added.

Many young girls from different parts of the nation have continued to be subjected to this act despite campaigns against the same. Leaders and Kenyans across the nation have continued to  preach against the vice as several girls drop out  school in an attempt to escape this problem.