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Friday 20, January
Kimanzi explains reason behind age cheating in football
1 week ago, By Adhiambo Ojumbe
Mathare United tactician Francis Kimanzi gestures in a past match.He has said most young players cheat about their ages because they lack the platform to showcase their talent.[Photo/goal.com]
Mathare United head coach Francis Kimanzi has attributed age cheating amongst young players in the country to lack of a platform to showcase their talents. 

 Speaking during the Under 20 finals at Camp Toyoyo on Saturday, Kimanzi said most young players had opted to cheat about their ages so as to be enlisted in various competitions. 

"Age cheating is a big challenge currently and I would say it is because most young players want a platform to showcase their talent.So they would rather cheat about their actual age," he said. 

In the finals Kimanzi's youngsters under the stewardship of assistant coach ChippChip poked out AFC LAFCards 4-2 in post match penalties to retain the trophy they won last year.

The under-20 bonanza has often been beleaguered by claims of age cheating and last year was no different. 

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